Credit repurchase and facilities for seniors.

The repurchase of credit makes it possible to rebalance a budget by the gathering of various loans in only one. This operation may also include an amount dedicated to financing facilities for the elderly. Principle of credit consolidation Here is a little reminder on the credit buyback operation. It is a banking operation aiming at

What is Consumer Credit?

  Consumer credit is a loan taken for consumption. No collateral is required to take out a consumer credit and you can apply for it from your bank or other credit granting companies. The entire amount applied for is paid into the applicant’s account at one time and the loan is usually repaid monthly. A

A home loan to renovate your home

A renovation loan is a great loan option if you are considering a bathroom renovation or a small surface repairs to your terrace. A home loan is perfect for any kind of home remodeling, whether you’re raising the comfort of living or the value of the home. A home or summer cottage always needs a

Quick payday loan without expenses

   A small and short-term one-time loan is well suited to temporary and acute cash needs. A quick payday loan is typically a loan of less than $ 2000 with a 1-3 year maturity. Apply for an instant loan by filling out our short loan application, it takes about three minutes to complete your application

Online non-bank loan in and around Brno

Borrow money, without problems and risk, for two weeks and then pay it off once. This is the dream of all who need an urgent financial injection. Without endless defending and explaining why you borrow. Without the need to find a guarantor, upfront fees and similar things. But yes, this is easily available, just ask!